Satisfactory will launch in early access on 19th March

Satisfactory, the factory-building sim from the legends behind Goat Simulator, will release in early access on Tuesday 19th March.

Satisfactory will see players take on the role of an engineer that is tasked with completing “Project Assembly”, which is described as “a massive machine for a mysterious purpose”, on an alien planet which developer Coffee Stain describe as a “beautifully crafted, hand-made, 100% organic, vegan, GMO-free planet.”

To fulfill your task you’ll have to conquer nature and build multi-story factories, which doesn’t sound very eco-friendly, so expect some hostility from the local wildlife. You won’t have to go it alone, as Satisfactory will be playable in co-op for up to four players.

Interestingly, Satisfactory will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store for the first year of its release, which is yet another scalp for Epic’s platform following yesterdays announcement that Shakedown: Hawaii will also launch as a timed-exclusive on their store.

Satisfactory will launch in early access on Tuesday 19th March. It’s available to pre-purchase on the Epic Games Store right now for £26.99.

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