BioWare will fix Anthem’s crashing issue on PS4 next week

Following widespread reports of Anthem crashing PS4 consoles earlier this week, BioWare has confirmed that the issue will be addressed in a patch that will release next week, according to BioWare’s Head of Live Service Chad Robertson over on Twitter:

There were also a number of unconfirmed reports of Anthem actually “bricking” players consoles, rendering them completely unusable, but BioWare says that they have conducted a “thorough review” and has found no evidence to substantiate those claims.

That comment will surely frustrate those who have claimed to have had their consoles bricked by Anthem, but it could just be a coincidence that they happened to be playing Anthem when their console gave up. Either that or one of the two parties is telling lies, and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that either parties were doing so.

The patch to fix the crashing issue is expected to go live on Tuesday 12th March, and it should also fix the bug that’s making level one weapons the most powerful in the game, which BioWare claims is down to a bug relating to default items being combined with higher level gear in your loadout.



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