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Firmware 6.50 brings PS4 Remote Play to iOS at long last

It’s finally here! After such a long wait, iPhone and iPad users can now use Remote Play on the PlayStation 4.

Version 6.50 of the console’s firmware released today, allowing iOS devices to remotely play compatible PlayStation 4 games. All you need to do is download the Remote Play app on your compatible iOS device, which is available to download for free from the App Store. Then, simply pair that device to your PlayStation 4 and you can experience compatible games over Wi-Fi from the comfort of your own toilet. Just remember to wash your hands.

You’ll need an iPhone 7 or later generation to use Remote Play on a smartphone, and a sixth-generation iPad or an iPad Pro second generation or later to play on the bigger screen. You will also need a PlayStation Network account and be connected over Wi-Fi, as you can’t use Remote Play from another location over a mobile network.

It’s been a long wait for iOS device users wanting to use Remote Play. Back in 2016, Sony released Remote Play for Windows and Mac and even further back in 2014 announced that it would bring Remote Play to the Xperia Z3 series, which is run on Android. It’s obviously fantastic for iOS users to finally have access to Remote Play, but with this generation of consoles nearing their final stages of life we just hope that future Remote Play on iOS doesn’t take as long to be released on the next generation of consoles.

Not much else of note was included in today’s PlayStation 4 system update, unless you’re a fan of imported titles from Japan. From the system settings, you can now remap the X and O buttons on the controller. Japanese consoles use the O button for the enter command, while Western consoles use X.







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