Mario Kart Tour will release on Wednesday 25th September

Nintendo’s free-to-play mobile version of Mario Kart will launch on Wednesday 25th September, it has been announced.

Mario Kart Tour was originally planned to be released before the end of the previous financial year which ended on Sunday 31st March, but it was delayed until an unspecified summer release date back in January. Any news of a release date has been kept very quiet since then, until the following trailer was published by Nintendo yesterday:

The game will feature classic Mario Kart tracks such as Rainbow Road and Luigi’s Mansion and a number of tracks “inspired by real-world locations”. You’ll notice a Paris-inspired course in the trailer above, and Nintendo has also promised courses set in both Tokyo and New York. Pre-registration is open right now through both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, but you’ll need to make sure you have a Nintendo account to play the game.

Mario Kart Tour has the potential to be a runaway success for Nintendo as they delve further into the world of mobile gaming following the release of Dr. Mario World in July. Being able to play Mario Kart for free on mobile devices sounds like an absolutely fantastic proposition, but it’s how the game is monetized that will truly determine my overall opinion of the endeavor.

Mario Kart Tour will release for iOS and Android on Wednesday 25th September.



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