Fortnite patch begins Borderlands crossover event

Fortnite’s 10.20 patch is now live, and it kicks off a crossover event with Borderlands.

The crossover event is rather strangely titled Fortnite X Mayhem, and is clearly designed to tie in to the imminent release of Borderlands 3, with the event running from now until Tuesday 10th September, which just so happens to be three mere days before the release of the latest entry in the series.

The crossover event brings its own zone, the Pandora Rift Zone, and if you spend enough time in there without taking damage you’ll generate a shield. There’s also a Psycho Bundle available in the shop which will allow you to travel around with Claptrap on your back, and there’s a free Welcome to Pandora Challenge Bundle which will reward you with things like the Mayhem Wrap, Vault Hunter Banner, Psycho Spray, and Crunk Bunny Spray.

Outside of the crossover event changes, the patch has also added a new item called the Shield Bubble, which is a Rare item that can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines. Using the Shield Bubble will create a large bubble around you that blocks all incoming projectiles and explosives; notably, projectiles and explosives can be fired from inside the bubble but cannot go outside of it, so don’t think you can stand in your little bubble getting cheap kills.

Other than that the patch is rounded out by bug fixes and quality of life improvements, and the patch notes also list the recent changes to the B.R.U.T.E. mechs that went live at the end of last week.

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