Joker from Persona 5 will soon be available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Joker from Persona 5 will be available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later tonight or early tomorrow morning, depending where you live.

Joker will be added as part of the new Challenger Pack 1, which will become available at 01:50am BST (April 18th)/02:50am CEST (April 18th)/8:50pm EDT (April 17th)/5:50pm PDT (April 17th). It costs $5.99, and it’ll also give you a new Persona-themed Mementos stage as well as 11 music tracks from various Persona titles.

The knife-wielding Joker looks pretty fun to play; his kit includes his trusty knife, a gun, a grappling hook which can be used to save himself from falling off the map, and he has a damage-over-time ability called Eiha. Joker’s true power is unleashed, however, by using his Rebel’s Guard defensive mode to block damage and fill his Rebellion Gauge. Once Joker’s Rebellion Gauge is full he can summon his persona, Arsene (not Wenger, although that would be hilarious) which unlocks a whole host of more powerful abilities. You can check out his moves in detail in the 15-minute video below:

The release of Challenger Pack 1 coincides with the introduction of Version 3.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which also adds a couple of free additions to the game. The most notable of these additions is the introduction of the Stage Builder which leaked last week; the Stage Builder allows players to create their own stages to do battle in, and you can even use the touchscreen functionality of the Switch to draw platforms in freehand with your finger. There’s also a new Video Editor mode which allows players to edit together replay videos to create montages of their best moments, and all creations can be both uploaded and downloaded by players through the Shared Content mode, which requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to access. You can also access the Shared Content through Smash World, which is part of the Nintendo Switch Online app, where you can browse player creations and even queue them up for download ready for when you next boot up your Switch.

You’ll be able to buy Joker individually as part of Challenger Pack 1, but don’t forget that you can buy the Fighter Pass for a one-time cost of $24.99, which will give you access to five Challenger Packs, all of which contain a new fighter, stage, and music.



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