Fortnite’s latest patch adds a dogfight mode

Fortnite’s 8.40 update is now live, and the standout change is a new limited time mode that lets players take part in a dogfight.

It’s called Air Royale, and it’s a Duos-only mode that puts players in control of their own X-4 Stormwing. Each plane will have 3 lives, so as you can probably guess, players will respawn until they’re out of lives; you’ll be able to increase your number of lives by hijacking another team’s plane, which will add that plane to your lives and take a life from your enemy. You’ll have to keep to the air, as touching the ground will instantly eliminate you, and the storm will close from the skies downwards rather than inwards, so the further into the match you go the tougher it will be to avoid the floor. You’ll also be able to upgrade both your plane and the guns that you’re carrying by way of chests of five different rarities that fall from the sky.

If you’re more into your food than your planes then there’s also a second limited time mode called Deep Fried. It’s a variant of the previous Food Fight mode where two teams build a fort on opposing sides of a massive barrier to protect their restaurant mascot, all while lava rises up from the floor. After several minutes the barrier will be lowered and all hell breaks loose, and destroying the other teams mascot will render your enemies unable to respawn when eliminated.

There’s not much else content-wise in the patch other than the return of the Egg Launcher skin for the Grenade Launcher (just in time for Easter!), and new Epic and Legendary variants of the Infantry Rifle have also been added, which can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops and Vending machines. Outside of that you can also now pet the dog and other pets (absolute game-changer) and the Battle Pass Friend XP Bonus has been upgraded to give players a larger XP boost when playing in a party with friends.

There are also a number of bug fixes and quality of life changes, and you and you can read all about them here.



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