Gauntlets are coming to Black Ops 4’s Zombies mode

I can’t stress just how impressed I have been with the level of support that Treyarch have given Black Ops 4 since the games launch, I feel like I spend half of my life writing about the latest updates. And here I am, writing about another!

Treyarch have taken to Reddit to detail the games next update, and this time Zombies is getting some love.

The Zombies: 115 Day Celebration Day Event will begin on January 15th and will run through to January 18th on all platforms. During this time players will earn double XP, double weapon XP, and double Nebulium Plasma for slaying Zombies. PS4 players will get some added extras on January 15th with the introduction of three new Epic Elixirs as well as Elixir balancing updates. More importantly, though, PS4 players will also be the first to experience the newly-debuting Gauntlets.

Gauntlets will be special 30-round challenges in Zombies that feature unique rules for each round, such as weapon restrictions, time limitations, and area defense challenges with dangerous enemy modifiers. Players will earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals as well as special tier-based rewards when they complete rounds 10, 20, and 30, and there will also be a unique reward for finishing round 30 without failing a round (good luck with that one). You’ll also get bonus Nebulium Plasma when you reach each new milestone for the first time. If you fail to complete a round as instructed, though, you’ll be given a Strike. Once you receive three Strikes it’s game over and you have to start all over again. Yep, three strikes and you’re out.

Treyarch say that these Gauntlets have been designed to be endlessly replayable in a competitive setting. The rules for each of the 30 rounds will be permanently set and all Gauntlet matches are timed, allowing players to perform speed runs and compete to see who can run the Gauntlet the fastest, which has obviously been designed to give players an extra incentive to keep playing.

The first Gauntlet to be added will be “Unsinkable” which will take place in Voyage of Despair. This will be added to PS4 only when the 115 Day Celebration Event starts on January 15th. No release date has been given for Xbox One players but, as has been the norm so far, it can be expected to land on Microsoft’s console a week later. Treyarch has told players to expect more Gauntlets to be added throughout 2019.

This update will also add the improved looting interface to Blackout that was announced last week, and there are also two new limited-time modes coming to Blackout next week, but the details of these are not yet known. There are also a fresh batch of Featured Playlists coming to multiplayer with update 1.11, and Elevation and Madagascar—the first two new “premium” DLC maps—will be added to the full map rotation for Black Ops Pass holders – they have previously only been available in their own seperate playlist. Going forward, Treyarch says that they’ll add new maps into full rotation as soon as they’re released.



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