League Play is finally coming to Black Ops 4

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been missing that competitive feel when you’ve been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Players have been desperately asking Treyarch to introduce League Play into Black Ops 4 for a while now (and as an online-only game, I’m a bit astounded that it wasn’t ready for launch), and Treyarch has finally confirmed that League Play will launch by the end of January.

In confirming the news, Treyarch gave some details about how League Play will work:

“League Play will operate a little differently this time around. The system is designed to emulate a schedule more like the pros play, where League Play events will be intense and frequent but shorter duration, generally spanning weekends or 3-day periods.

In between those events, Scrims will be run as an unranked playlist using CWL rules so that players and teams can sharpen their skills before a competition. Both League Play events and Scrims will use skill-based matchmaking, where focus has been applied to making sure skill matches are as accurate as possible without resulting in empty lobbies or long wait times. League ladders will be built around 50-player groupings to ensure the most intense competition for these shorter-duration events.”

Treyarch said that they would give more information as we get closer to the launch date, and they did go on to say that the release date of “by the end of January” is subject to change, as they want to make sure they have play-tested it enough to make sure it’s balanced and in perfect working order. They did also briefly mention the introduction of Clans further down the line:

“We love ranked play as much as you do, and that’s why we’re taking the time required to give League Play the attention it deserves. From there, we’ll continue to release new World League Hub features, including Teams and Clans for our competitive-focused players.”

The announcement came as part of a Reddit post detailing the changes that have been made in the games latest update, which is live now. The update itself isn’t a massive one, focusing on a few stability improvements and adding some new playlists to the Featured Playlists category in multiplayer. Namely, those new playlists are Endurance Chaos Moshpit, Mercenary Capture Moshpit, Mercenary Hardcore Moshpit, Deathmatch Moshpit, and Map Pack Moshpit.

Endurance Chaos Moshpit will feature 6v6 gameplay with higher score limits, each of which are as follows:

  • Team Deathmatch with 150 score limit, 15-minute time limit.

  • Domination with 200 score round limit, 400 score match limit.

  • Hardpoint with 500 score limit, 10-minute time limit.

  • Kill Confirmed with 150 score limit, 15-minute time limit.

Personally, I’m delighted to see this new playlist, as I’ve been crying out for a playlist that rotates these game modes and wasn’t restricted to lone players only.

The update has also added improve stability to Torque’s Barricade, the Mantis Scorestreak (particularly when firing rockets), and the killing of Strike Team members as they rappel out of the helicopter, and there are also numerous stability improvements to the Zombies mode.

Elsewhere in the post, Treyarch also teased further updates within the next month which will add new Zombies features, Mastery Camo’s in Blackout, and—very thankfully—a much-improved interface for looting in Blackout.



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