Fortnite Season X gets a Story Trailer

The trailer for Fortnite’s Season X has been released, seemingly confirming the return of Dusty Depot.

In the trailer, the Zero Point orb explodes and appears to send Jonesy either back in time or across realities. As he flies through nothingness, he passes all sorts of familiar items from Fortnite’s past, such as the Tactical SMG and a whole variety of different holiday items, such as Christmas Trees and Pumpkins. Eventually, he falls back to earth and lands directly outside an undamaged Dusty Depot, with the massive meteor that destroyed it frozen in time right above him. Jonesy jumps to his feet in shock, revealing that although everything around him appears to be frozen in time, he isn’t.

The trailer seemingly confirms player speculation that Season X will revolve around travelling through time, following the numerous teasers that Epic released earlier this week which already hinted at the Dusty Depot’s return. Of course, we’re only drawing our own conclusions, and we’ll have to wait for tomorrows patch notes before we find out exactly what the hell is going on.

Fortnite Season X starts tomorrow, Thursday 1st August, and we’ll keep you up to date with the official story and the changes once the patch notes are released.



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