Fortnite teases hint at the return of a much missed area

Fortnite’s Season 10 officially kicks off on Thursday 1st August, and as is always the case Epic has begun to send out a few little teasers to whet player appetites.

The first teaser went out yesterday and told players to “think back”, and included what appeared to be an image of Dusty Depot, a much-loved area which was destroyed by the meteor back in Season 4, which left it as Dusty Divot. The tease suggests that Dusty Depot could be returning for Season 10, which has got plenty of players excited.

The second tease came earlier today, when Epic posted a tweet which told players to “look forward”. This tease contained an image with the silhouette of what appears to be a mech, with a symbol to the left being that of The Traveler, who crash landed on the map along with the meteor at the end of Season 3.

The teases suggest that the story of Season 10 could focus around some kind of time warp, which could possibly be linked to the current instability of the energy source that powers the games vault following the dramatic conclusion of Season 9.

This is all speculation for now of course, and we’ll have to see exactly what  Epic has in store for us when Fortnite Season 10 begins on Thursday 1st August.



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