Everything announced during the Xbox E3 conference

E3 2019 is well underway, and today Xbox took the limelight with a bucket-load of game reveals, new services, and we got the first insight into what Xbox’s next gen console is going to look like. See below for a full and detailed look at everything Xbox announced:

The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment kicked off the Xbox E3 pre-brief by announcing a release date for it’s upcoming RPG, The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds will release on October 25th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The Epic Game Store has scooped another timed exclusive on the PC, while Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play from launch.

Check out the brand new E3 Trailer below:

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Microsoft announced that the latest installment in the Ori series, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, will release on the 11th of February 2020.

Check out the spider ridden trailer below:

Ori and the Will of the Wisps will be coming to Xbox One and PC, and will available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on release.

Blair Witch

A new horror game based on the Blair Witch movies was revealed and will launch on the Xbox Game Pass.

Check out the E3 reveal trailer below:

Cyberpunk 2077

We have a release date for CDProjekt Red’s awesome looking open world RPG of the future, Cyberpunk 2077, which is April 16th 2020. As well as the release date, we also saw a new cinematic trailer featuring Keanu Reeves. Keanu also made an appearance on the Xbox Stage where he talks about being involved in the game.

Check out the new cinematic trailer below and see here for more information on Cyberpunk 2077 here:


Microsoft announced a brand new 2D game called Spiritfarer, which will be launching on the Xbox Game Pass for both Xbox and PC. The game is being developed by Thunder Lotus whose previous game was puzzle game Jotun. We don’t know too much about the actual gameplay that we can expect to see in Spiritfarer, but we did see some beautifully charming graphics.

Check out the full reveal trailer for Spiritfarer below:


Yes, you read that right, the iconic Battletoads are coming back for some more beat-em-up action. Although we already knew that—it was originally announced at E3 2018—we now finally have some gameplay footage for it which you can watch below:

It looks like the game is staying true to its roots and sticking with the 2D graphics with a funky and vibrant art style. The only disappointing thing is that we still don’t have a release date for it yet.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright

While watching the games announcement I had no clue what I was looking at, but upon re-watching it appears to be a table-top RPG game with some really cool hand drawn graphics. Don’t quote me on that though as that’s just a guess. Anyway. you can watch the reveal trailer below and make up your own mind:

Xbox Game Pass for PC, Game Pass Ultimate & ID@Xbox

It’s been announced before, but Microsoft reiterated the fact that all current ID@Xbox games and all future ID@Xbox games will be launching on the Xbox Game Pass, with new ID@Xbox games being added to the Game Pass on release day. As well as this, they also announced at least 12 new upcoming ID@Xbox games – you can see the trailers for these games below:

As well as the ID@Xbox games coming to Game Pass, Microsoft also announced that Batman: Arkham Knight, Metro Exodus, Hollow Knight, and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection will be live on the Game Pass today.

Following on from the ID@Xbox news, Microsoft announced that the official beta launch of Game Pass for PC will be starting today; players can sign up right now and play over 100 PC titles, including some PC specific games such as Football Manager 2019 and Imperator Rome. Oh, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is also coming to the PC (at last) and will be included in the Game Pass.

And to top the Xbox Game Pass news off they also announced that you can pick up the Xbox Game Pass both for the Xbox and PC as well as Xbox Live Gold in the all-new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription that will set you back $14.99, which is a bargain when you consider the cost of subscribing to each service individually. Read more about the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Mircosoft’s Flight Simulator will return for both Xbox One and PC, it was announced during Xbox’s E3 2019 press conference. The game will release in 2020 and will be available at launch to Game Pass subscribers

Below is the official announcement trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator:

Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition

One of the best strategy games of all time is making its way to the Xbox in a remastered form. Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition will feature remastered audio and 4k graphics, as well as a brand new campaign titled The Last Khans. This is the first time a strategy game as complex as Age of Empires has made its way to console, so it will be interesting to see how they handle the controller mapping. Personally, I can’t see it working too well, but fear not as the game will also launch on the PC.

The full E3 trailer can be viewed below:

Microsoft Purchase Double Fine Productions

Microsoft are yet again showing their buying power and have purchased another game studio. This time it’s Double Fine, who are the studio behind games such as Psychonauts and Costume Quest.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Coming in 2020, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will merge all 9 Star Wars films into one game featuring the classic Lego humour we all know and love. The game is set to launch at some time next year and you can watch the reveal trailer below:


Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

The game once known as ‘Dragon Ball Project Z’ has now officially been announced as Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. We don’t have many details about the game at the moment other than the fact that it’s not going to be like previous Dragon Ball Z games, which have mostly been 2D fighters. The trailer shows full 3D cel-shaded graphics (which look beautiful), and we also know that the game will be launching in early 2020, but that’s about it. Oh, there is one more thing – if the trailer is anything to go by there’s going to be a lot of screaming in the game:

12 minutes

12 Minutes was revealed by Microsoft and it looks like a pretty fascinating game which will probably one day be turned into a movie. It’s about a man stuck in a time loop where someone is apparently trying to kill him and maybe his wife or mistress, whoever the woman who is sat at the table with him turns out to be. We don’t know too much about the gameplay but my guess based on the games title is that each mission will be a 12 minute time loop where you have to do everything right in order to proceed. It looks great but don’t take our word for it, check out the trailer below and make up your own mind:


Gears of War 5

Gears of War 5 will be releasing on September 10th and will be on the Game Pass at launch, and you’ll be able to play it 4 days early if you have Game Pass Ultimate. There’s going to be a new game mode called ‘Escape’ which appears to be a bit like a search and destroy type game mode. A new trailer was also released and they announced there will be a Terminator skin pack. You can read more about Gears of War 5 here and you can watch the new trailer below:

New Xbox Elite Controller

There’s a new Elite Controller on the way that will be filled with even more features, including adjustable tension on the joysticks (which sounds awesome), three game profiles which you can change on the fly with a new button on the controller, a USB-C connection, and probably one of the most requested features – Bluetooth support. The controller will set you back $179.99 so it’s not cheap, but if you’re a hardcore gamer it’s probably worth it, especially since the last one was so good. There’s no way you can go back to a standard controller after gracing your hands with an Elite. The E3 reveal for the controller is below:

Dying Light 2

Microsoft showed off a new trailer for Dying Light 2 as well as providing us with a release window of Spring 2020. We didn’t really learn many new details about the game, but the trailer does show off some pretty cool gameplay and some seriously impressive graphics. Check it out below:

Forza Horizon 4: Lego Speed Champions Expansion

The biggest update to hit Forza Horizon 4 was announced today by Playground Games, and the best news of all is that it’s coming this week (June 13th). The expansion brings with it a whole host of new Lego-fied (is that a word?) cars which can be customised and a brand new open world for you to explore. Watch the E3 announcement trailer below for more information and gameplay:

State of Decay Heartland Expansion

The largest expansion ever to grace State of Decay is out now. The expansion features two new storylines which see you either follow a female who is looking for her father who she’s never met or a man looking for a hero that he’s never met. We assume that there’s also a new zombie as Trumbull Valley is filled with “unseen horrors.”. The E3 trailer is below and the expansion is available to download and play right now:

Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally making its way to the west, 7 years after it was first released in Japan. The game will be released on both the Xbox One and PC and will be free to play on both platforms. It will be interesting to see how a seven year old game performs in 2019. You can watch the E3 reveal below:

Crossfire X Coming to Xbox

Crossfire X, which is an adaptation of Crossfire (which is hugely popular in Asia) is coming to the Xbox One in 2020. The game features vehicular combat, underwater combat, and modern weapons. In Asia, Crossfire is free-to-play, but we’re not yet sure if Crossfire X will follow suit, but we should get more details on this soon. You can watch the Crossfire X trailer below:

Tales of Arise

Bandai Namco announced the newest entry into the Tales series, Tales of Arise, which will be launching in 2020. As expected with a JRPG, the combat looks fast and fun and the characters look flamboyant. Other than a few shots of combat and the beautiful world there wasn’t much else revealed, but no doubt we’ll be seeing some more details leak over the coming months. You can watch the trailer yourself below:

New trailer for Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is right around the corner (September 13th) and to keep it at the forefront of everyone’s minds Gearbox has given us a new trailer. As with every other Borderlands 3 trailer they have put out, it looks great:

As well as the new trailer, the new DLC for Borderlands 2 which links in with Borderlands 3 is now available for download (trailer below):

Project xCloud

Don’t get too excited here, we still don’t know too much about it, but Microsoft announced that the game streaming service called Project xCloud will be launching this October and everyone at E3 will have the chance to have the first hands-on experience with it.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a new game brought to you by FromSoftware in collaboration with George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones author). The world was created by the man behind the Dark Souls series, Hidetaka Miyazaki, which means it’s probably going to be a frustratingly hard game. FromSoftware has said it’s their “largest game to date” and is “a fantasy action-RPG adventure”. Sounds interesting but if it’s anything like Dark Souls you can count me out. Also, the trailer for me was very boring, see below:

Xbox Project Scarlett & Halo Infinite

As expected, Microsoft announced their next gen console ‘Project Scarlett’. We don’t yet know the full run down of the specs but we do know the processor will be 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X, it will support Ray Tracing, 8k video, up to 120fps and will come with an SSD for super fast load times. We also know the console will be launching around Christmas 2020. You can read more about Project Scarlett here and the reveal trailer is below:

As well as a new console, we also found out that Halo Infinite will be a launch title for Project Scarlett, which means we can expect Halo next Christmas (it will also release on the Xbox One and PC). check out the new Halo Infinite trailer below:

So that’s it from Xbox at this years E3, there’s a lot to digest but all in all the future looks great for Xbox fans!



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