Gears of War 5 will release in September

Gears of War 5 will launch on Tuesday 10th September, it has been announced.

The release date was confirmed alongside the showing of a new trailer for the game, which shows Kait Diaz seemingly struggling with harrowing visions that are connected to the medallion that she’s wearing around her neck. That suggests that the game will carry on directly from where Gears of War 4 left off, with the official description of the game reading:

“In Gears 5, play as Kait, a conflicted hero torn between her duty to her squad and a mysterious pull to her sworn enemy, the Swarm. Explore vast new worlds, face brutal new enemies, and uncover the dark secret hiding just below the surface of Sera and of Kait herself.”

Developers The Coalition also announced a brand new three-player co-op mode called Escape. In Escape, players must infiltrate the hive, plant a bomb, and then get the hell out of Dodge. While there weren’t many other details given about Escape mode, there was a cinematic trailer which looks pretty hectic, and it’s accompanied by some classic hip hop, complete with trademark Lil Jon shouting. What more do you want?

Aside from that there’s also a new competitive PvP mode which will be shown off during a multiplayer tech test in July, and the game will also feature a new Horde mode which is going to be shown off at Gamescom in August. Randomly, you can also play as The Terminator if you pre-order. Okay then.

Oh, there’s also a mobile Gears of War game called ‘Gears Pop’ in the works, but nobody really cares about that.

Gears of War 5 will release for Xbox One and PC on Tuesday 10th September. It’ll feature cross-play between the two platforms, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get access to the game four days early.



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