Episode 3 of Life Is Strange 2 gets a launch trailer

Episode 3 of Life Is Strange 2 launches next Thursday, and a new launch trailer has been released to whet player appetites.

Life Is Strange 2 follows a brand new story in the Life Is Strange universe, away from the previous games story that featured Max and Chloe. In Life Is Strange 2, players follow the story of two brothers, Sean and Daniel, who are on the run following the events of the first episode. Check out the trailer for Episode 3 below:

When Episode 3 releases next week, it will have been over four months since the release of the previous episode, which came a similar length of time after the release of Episode 1. I still firmly believe that is too long to keep players waiting between episodes, and you may need to take a refresher course to remember what has happened in the story so far, although the game will give you a brief recap when you start Episode 3.

You’ll have a long wait for the remaining two episodes after Episode 3’s release too, with Episode 4 scheduled to release in August and Episode 5 in December. That will represent a 15 month time period between the releases of Episode 1 and Episode 5, which is sure to be frustrating for fans. Personally, I’ll be waiting for all five episodes to release, and then I’ll binge them all over a couple of weeks, similar to how I experienced the original Life Is Strange.

If you’ve never played Life Is Strange then I strongly suggest you give it a go – while I’m not really one for episodic content, I was blown away by Life Is Strange, finding it to be both gripping, enjoyable, and thought-provoking.

Episode 3 of Life Is Strange 2 will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Thursday 9th May.



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