Fortnite update adds Shadow Bomb

Another update is now available for Fortnite, adding the Shadow Bomb to the game.

The Shadow Bomb is Uncommon loot that can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, and Supply Llamas, up to a maximum carrying capacity of 6. Using a Shadow Bomb will make the player invisible to enemies, increase the players movement speed, and give the player the ability to both double jump and wall jump. If you’re currently thinking that sounds incredibly overpowered then don’t worry, the effects of the Shadow Bomb only last for six seconds, and players can’t attack, build, or loot while they’re under the Shadow Bombs effects.

What that means is that the Shadow Bomb will be best utilized as a means of escape or as a way of getting the drop on enemies. If you get pinned down behind cover then the Shadow Bomb will provide you with the perfect opportunity to either escape from behind the cover or maneuver around your enemies to catch them by surprise, as demonstrated in the video below:

The update also addresses an issue where sound effects for Jetpacks were occasionally playing much louder than they should be, and there’s also a fix for a bug that was causing the Victory Royale UI animation to display for all players in Limited Time Modes where respawns are enabled.

Fortnite’s Update v8.51 is now live on all platforms, and you can read the full notes here.



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