Devil May Cry is heading to the Switch this Summer

For the first time ever, a Devil May Cry game is making its way to a Nintendo platform, as the Switch version of the ORIGINAL Devil May Cry game is set to release this summer, joining the long line of classic games making the ‘Switch’ to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

There’s not a set release date yet, all we know is it’s due in the Summer. The price is also yet to be revealed, but going by the other old games that have been ported to the Switch it will most likely be ridiculously overpriced, like how the Resident Evil games would cost almost double on the Switch when compared to buying them on other consoles and the PC.

Releasing the original game on the Switch is also a strange choice considering the Devil May Cry HD collection launched on the PC and consoles, so to release the original game alone seems like a bizarre choice, unless they’re planning to release the others (hopefully not the second game) at later date. That being said, it could just be due to the limited power output of the Switch.

It will be interesting to see how much the game is going to cost. I understand the Switch ports are usually handled by other companies which means there’s more hands in the pie that need paying (is that a saying?), but paying full price for such an old game upsets me and it’s been happening too much recently.






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