Dead Cells is making its way to mobile this summer

Motion Twin announced today that the hugely popular roguelike action-platform game, ‘Dead Cells’, will be making its way to mobile this summer. It will be heading to both iOS and Android, with an iOS (iPhone & iPad) release coming first, which is most likely because they’re easier to develop for thanks to the uniform screen sizes and specs. It’s important to note that the Summer release date has only been confirmed for iOS – the Android version will be releasing after, possibly in the Winter.

Dead Cells originally launched on the PC in May last year and was met with praise from fans and critics alike, securing a 9/10 over at Steam and an impressive average of 89% across all platforms on Metacritic.

For those of you who haven’t heard of or played Dead Cells before, the game sees you battle your way through side-scrolling procedurally generated levels using hack-and-slash combat to take out any foe that gets in your way. You’ll die a lot but that’s okay, as with every death comes knowledge and power, in true rougelike fashion. On occasion the game will be frustrating, especially if you’re a new hand to rougelike games, but something about it keeps you hooked and wanting more.

It’s no surprise that the game is launching on mobile; the graphics set lends itself perfectly to it, plus the controls and gameplay mechanics are fairly simple. The studio heading up the port, Playdigious, has confirmed that the game will launch with two game modes, including the original game mode and ‘auto-hit’. They also confirmed that the game will have MFi external controller support. The mobile version of the game has also been “carefully redesigned” for mobile, complete with an updated interface and customisable buttons for when you’re using the touchscreen.

You can watch the mobile release trailer below:

There’s no set date for the release yet, all we know is it will be launching some time in the Summer. We do know how much it’s going to cost, however, and that is £7.99 ($9.99/€9.99) which is a fair bit cheaper than the PC version, which is currently on sale for £17.59 on Steam.



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