Control’s Expeditions update is now live

Remedy Entertainment’s third-person action-adventure game Control has had a free update, adding Expeditions to the game.

Originally unveiled alongside the release of the games roadmap back in September, Expeditions are “a challenging combat experience with a set time limit for completion aimed at those who have already completed the game”. According to the team over at 505 Games, Expeditions take place in a “Threshold area somehow connected to the Black Rock Quarry”, which you can access through a “mysterious Jukebox locked away in a room in Central Executive”.

To access them, you’ll first need to complete the main mission My Brother’s Keeper, and then head to Central Executive where you’ll find a Jukebox Token. Once you’ve got your token, you’ll need to speak to Arish to activate a side mission which will ultimately lead you into Expeditions. But what are Expeditions, I hear you ask? Specifically, Expeditions will give you 25 minutes to complete four different arenas, with death resetting your progress in the current arena. Failure to complete four arenas before the clock runs out will cost you your Jukebox Token, and you won’t be able to re-enter Expeditions until you get another one. Jukebox Tokens can be earned by completing Bureau Alerts, Board Countermeasures, or by defeating named enemies. You can also craft them at Control Points, or they will be awarded to you for completing an Expedition.

There are three tiers of difficulty for the Expeditions and each one will unlock sequentially. That means that you’ll need to complete the first tier to unlock access to the second tier, and you’ll then have to complete the second tier to unlock access to the third. Expeditions have been designed to be “the most challenging content in the game”, so players are urged to make sure that their abilities are upgraded and that they’ve brought the best mods and the strongest Service Weapon forms. Each tier will also feature random modifiers, such as an increase to all weapon damage or enemies which are more resistant to your abilities.

Completing an Expedition will bag you “powerful rewards”, such as rare crafting materials, mods which can only be earned through Expeditions, new outfits for Jesse, and Jukebox Tokens. There’s also a score card, allowing you to compete for bragging rights with your friends.

And best of all? It’s absolutely free! The update is available to download right now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.



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