Bethesda has released a roadmap for the free content coming to Fallout 76 in 2019

The game that we all love to hate (one that I have heavily criticised many times on this website) and the winner of the Most Disappointing Game of the Year Award during our meaningless BuffNerfRepeat End of Year Awards 2018, Fallout 76, now has a roadmap for all of the juicy free to play content coming in 2019. This content will most likely be full of bugs and exploits, and it will still be running on the same prehistoric game engine, but it’s free, so does that really matter?

Bethesda themselves admitted that “the game had a difficult launch” and they’ve made “mistakes along the way“. They also said “We share in your frustrations when we do (make mistakes)” and that they will “probably make a few more“. Great. They did also say that if they do make mistakes then they will “work to correct them as quickly as possible” so maybe, just maybe they’ve learnt from these past mistakes and this new free content will be great.

Anyway, we can’t judge too much before seeing the content so lets see what they have planned:

The content roadmap above actually looks pretty good. There seems to be a lot more to do on the way, including new game modes, quests, main missions, features, andalthough it hasn’t explicitly been saidwe would expect and hope to see new locations on the map. The game mode that stands out for me personally is the inclusion of a survival mode. I’m a big survival game fan so hopefully this is done well and is bug free, and luckily for me this game mode is contained in the first update which is set to launch in Spring. You can read the full release on the Bethesda website here.

All of that being said, I fear that this roadmap has come a little too late for the game. Most people I personally know who bought the game no longer play and I don’t expect this will tempt them back, especially considering how poor the game has been since release. With all that being said, it does deserve a second chance, as does every game that is supposed to be a long burn; take No Man’s Sky for example – at release it was so poor that people wanted refunds, but now it’s a game full of adventure and has everything that the developers had promised. Sea of Thieves is another example of how games can turn it around, but in Bethesda’s case I don’t hold out as much hope, mainly due to the game engine and their tendency to release new games and features that are full of bugs, but only time will tell.







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