Armour in Blackout is getting nerfed again

Treyarch has announced that armour in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout is getting another nerf when update 1.12 starts rolling out on Tuesday.

This news, which came by the way of their post on the Black Ops 4 subreddit, will be very welcomed by players who still feel that armour is too strong. Talking specifics, all levels of armour will have their damage protection reduced, and Level 3 Armour will no longer offer additional damage protection against explosives or melee attacks. Level 3 armour, which is a source of contention for a lot of players, will also now require more armour plates to repair.

It’s not just armour getting the old nerf treatment though. Concussion grenades will be getting reductions to their status effect duration and area of effect radius, and you’ll have “more options to outplay attackers” when hit by a Concussion grenade, as you’ll now be able to switch weapons, throw equipment or melee attack when concussed, according to a tweet by Treyarch design director David Vonderhaar:

Cluster Grenades are also being toned down a bit, with their time to detonate being increased and the damage from mini-clusters being reduced. That means that it should be easier to get out of the way of them, and you shouldn’t be instantly wiped out by one little stray mini-cluster should you get caught by one.

This week will also see the arrival of five new weapons in Zombies, namely the MP40, Grav, Daemon 3XB, Swat RFT, and KAP 45, which will be added to the Mystery Box across every Zombies map, as well as the Zombies Armory for full customization and camo progression.

Ambush, the next limited-time mode that we revealed last week, will also become available for PS4 players this week, and the second Zombies Gauntlet, which will take place on IX, will also go live on January 29th on PS4. As always, expect these to debut on Xbox One and PC a week later. Treyarch also gave a brief update on the highly-anticipated upcoming introduction of League Play, which we’re still expecting before the end of the month:

“We’ll have more news to share next week about the upcoming rollout of League Play and the World League Hub. We’ve made some fundamental changes to Black Ops 4’s Ranked system since we first announced our plans, as well as numerous important updates to the CWL ruleset that will change how the game is played competitively for the better. Stay tuned for more intel soon.”



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