Blackout’s next limited time mode has been revealed

The next limited time mode that will be coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode, Blackout, has now been revealed, possibly by accident.

The reveal of the new mode was spotted on the Call of Duty companion app and was immediately posted on Reddit, where Treyarch eventually confirmed it, which makes me think it has been revealed by accident. Somebody may well be getting a stern telling off.

Anyway, the new mode will be called Ambush. In Ambush, players will only be able to pick up melee weapons and Sniper Rifles, and once the circle starts closing it never stops, so expect matches to pass by relatively quickly. Because of the nature of the mode, Treyarch are suggesting that the Skulker, Dead Silence, and Outlander perks will become a lot more valuable. Skulker allows you to move quicker when crouched or prone, and Dead Silence makes your footsteps quieter and you make less noise when you open stashes. Both of these perks could be absolutely game-changing if you find yourself in a position where numerous players are confined into a small area and all are equipped with melee weapons. Outlander, meanwhile, reduces the damage that you take from the circle and makes you move faster if you’re taking damage from the circle, so this perk could be an important part of tackling the challenge of an ever-closing circle.

Image courtesy of Reddit

When this image was posted on Reddit it was slated that Ambush would be coming to Blackout this week, but that’s not the case. Responding to the Reddit post and confirming the news, Treyarch said:

“It’s true, Ambush is coming soon in Blackout as our next limited-time mode in Blackout –- just not quite yet! Down But Not Out will be live for a couple of weeks on each platform, which started on PS4 earlier this week. We’re planning to launch Ambush into the wild immediately afterward, so enjoy the insanity of DBNO while it’s live and let us know what you think of the redeploy system while we put the finishing touches on what’s to come.”

Down But Not Out is a limited time mode that allows players to respawn when the circle moves as long as one member of their squad is still alive. That mode is currently only active on the PS4 but is expected to debut on PC and Xbox One this week. As Treyarch has said that DBNO will be active for a couple of weeks on each platform and that Ambush will go live immediately afterwards, I’d expect Ambush to appear on PS4 around January 30th before debuting on Xbox One and PC a week later.



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