PUBG’s next Xbox update adds Vikendi map

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox will get Update #4 on January 22nd, and it will see the arrival of the Vikendi map, as well as the start of Survivor Pass: Vikendi, and the addition of new weapons, vehicles, and quality of life changes.

Vikendi is a 6km x 6km snow-themed map that will become the fourth playable map, joining Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok on the games roster. In Vikendi, vehicles will become more slippery in snowy or icy areas and acceleration while on icy terrain will be slower than usual. Players will also leave footprints and vehicle tracks as they travel across snow-covered areas which can be a great help for tracking enemy movement. Footprints and tracks don’t remain for the whole game, so spotting prints or tracks will indicate that a player has been nearby recently.

The introduction of Vikendi will also see the beginning of Survivor Pass: Vikendi, which will last for the next ten weeks. Survivor Pass: Vikendi will give players the opportunity to complete missions and unlock rewards throughout the duration of the pass. There will be two types of pass that are available: Survivor Pass: Vikendi, which will provide missions and rewards for all players, and a Premium Pass, which provides special missions and exclusive rewards to players who have purchased the premium pass.

There will be 5 mission types that are available to complete: Daily Missions, of which there will be 3 per day; Weekly Missions, which will provide 10 missions per week (all players can complete 4 of these per week, but Premium Pass holders can complete 10); Beginner Missions, which are “easy” missions for beginners; Premium Missions, which can be completed by all players but only Premium Pass holders can collect the reward; and Challenge Missions, which are special, more challenging missions awarded to players who have completed all of their weekly missions. As with Premium Missions, all players can complete Challenge Missions, but only Premium Pass holders can claim the reward, so I’m not sure why people who don’t own the pass would even bother.

There are two new weapons coming to the game too. The Skorpion handgun will spawn on all maps and offers both a single fire and full auto fire mode, while the G36C Assault Rifle will only spawn on Vikendi. There’s one new vehicle for players to utilize, namely a Snowmobile which will only spawn on Vikendi. As you can imagine, the Snowmobile will perform much better than other vehicles on snow and ice, but it won’t perform as well on other terrains.

Quality of life wise, players can now further magnify the minimap and player order between lobby and in-game is now consistent, meaning that all players will have fixed numbers and colours based on lobby order when they enter a game. There will also be a field of view slider in First Person Perspective mode, and there’s a new graphical settings option for the Xbox One X.

There are a whole host of other new animations, bug fixes and general tweaks, and you can read all about them here.



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