Hades gets two further patches

Hot on the heels of the first major Hades update—which was titled The Chaos UpdateSupergiant has released not one, but two new patches to enhance and balance some of the new features from the update.

A detailed looks at the Chaos Update can be found here. We were impressed with the new features added to Hades, and these two further patches enhance that experience even more. The first patch dropped a couple of days after The Chaos Update, adding general gameplay tweaks as well as balancing several features. The full patch notes for Early Access Patch 09 can be found here.

The major news with patch 09 came with the removal of Avenging Gain from the game. Avenging Gain was a passive mirror upgrade that allowed players to recover a portion of HP lost by counter attacking the enemy that had inflicted the damage. It was a defensive skill that synergised well with high HP builds. Avenging Gain has been replaced by a new ability called Thick Skin, that raises life total at each rank.

Overall, it seems that patch 09 has increased the difficulty level of Hades, with more foes in its second act as well as a number of enemy types being buffed in one way or another, including both bosses and two of the new foes featured in the major update.

Patch 010, meanwhile, is a much smaller patch which fixes several issues surrounding the new unlockables that have been added in patch 09. These unlockables are for players who complete Hades using the new higher difficulty modifiers. They didn’t seem to be working at all, but thankfully Supergiant were on-hand to apply the fix very quickly. Good work!

Hades is a fantastic roguelike that we’re all enjoying here at Buff Nerf Repeat. The game is currently available in Early Access via the Epic Game Store.



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