Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart gets an awesome new 10-minute trailer

Early last year we were treated to a rather weird and wonderful trailer for atmospheric shooter Atomic Heart, which is being developed by Mundfish for release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This trailer, whilst intriguing, was only two-minutes long and left us crying out for more.

Thankfully, Mundfish has shared a further ten-minute trailer, this time focusing more heavily on gameplay from an early build of it’s game.

Check out the ten-minute trailer below:

The trailer starts in a spooky, atmospheric, forest-like setting with absolutely gorgeous looking visuals. It doesn’t take long before things take a more sinister turn, when the player is confronted by a strange-looking robot dude who knocks you down a hole and into a rather eerie facility.

It’s in this facility that the game showcases it’s melee combat mechanics, with a one on one fight with another robot. The fight is beautifully animated, with both blocking and countering seeming to play a major role in success.

It isn’t long before a more powerful weapon is equipped, and what follows is a spooky standoff with a fairground wheel. No shots are fired but the whole section seems pretty intense.

The video concludes with what looks like the opening scene of a boss battle. A giant tank-like robot jumps out at you before the video ends.

We enjoyed the trailer, anything that even slightly reminds us of BioShock is normally enough to get us excited. Let’s hope that Atomic Heart can live up to expectations ahead of its planned beta access in Q4 2019.



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