How to perform every Fatality in Mortal Kombat 11

Ask anybody about Fatalities in Mortal Kombat (whether they’re into the game or not) and they’ll likely say “FINISH HIM!” in a deep voice and start swaying their head around as if stunned. Fatalities, which are gruesome but tremendously satisfying finishers that you can perform to cement your victory once you’ve drained your enemies health down to none, have been a mainstay of Mortal Kombat since the series origin, but they’re not always easy to pull off.

In Mortal Kombat 11, each character has two Fatalities. One is shown in the move list straight from the off, but the other is a “secret” Fatality that is hidden from the move list. Thankfully, as long as you know the button inputs you can still perform the hidden Fatality from the moment you boot up the game. Because Mortal Kombat 11 is a multi-platform title, I’ll be referring to the buttons by their function in this list, as the actual button will be different for each platform; to help with that, I’ve included the necessary functions and their respective buttons for each console below:

Move Button
Front Punch Square (PS4), X (Xbox One), Y (Nintendo Switch), J (PC)
Back Punch Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox One), X (Nintendo Switch), I (PC)
Front Kick X (PS4), A (Xbox One), B (Nintendo Switch), K (PC)
Back Kick Circle (PS4), B (Xbox One), A (Nintendo Switch), L (PC)

When can I perform a Fatality?

Before you can perform a Fatality, you first need to win the game. Once your opponent is on zero health and you’ve won the game, you’ll hear Shao Kahn say “FINISH HIM!” simultaneously alongside those same words appearing on the screen, and your opponent will also start swaying around in a daze. Your window for performing a Fatality is now open.


Each Fatality also requires you to be at a certain distance from your opponent for them to work. Each range is specific for each character, but if you follow these general rules of thumb then you should be okay:

Close: You need to be stood right in front of your opponent, within a steps.

Mid: You need to be at mid range from your opponent, between two and around five steps back.

Far: You need to be far back from your opponent, around four steps back or any distance thereafter.

Anywhere: Positioning doesn’t matter, the fatality can be performed from anywhere.

Now that you know all of the criteria required before you can perform a Fatality, here are the full list of input commands for every character:


Food for Thought (Close): Back, Down, Back, Back Punch

Rock, Paper, Baraka (Close): Back, Forward, Back, Front Kick

Cassie Cage

I <3 U (Mid): Down, Down, Forward, Back Kick

#GirlPower (Mid): Back, Down, Down, Back, Back Punch


Maintaining Balance (Mid): Back, Down, Forward, Down, Back Kick

Good And Evil (Mid): Back, Down, Back, Front Kick


New Species (Close): Back, Forward, Back, Front Kick

Can’t Die (Mid): Back, Down, Down, Back Kick

Erron Black

Melted (Mid): Down, Down, Down, Front Punch

Death Trap (Mid): Down, Forward, Down, Back Punch


Ice Sculpture (Close): Forward, Back, Down, Front Punch

The Cyber Initiative (Mid): Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Back Kick


Phasing Through Time (Anywhere): Back, Down, Down, Front Kick

Peeling Back (Close): Down, Forward, Back, Front Punch

Jacqui Briggs

Spider Mines (Mid): Forward, Back, Forward, Front Kick

Nothin’ But Neck (Mid): Back, Forward, Back, Back Kick


Bow Before Me (Anywhere): Down, Down, Forward, Down, Back Kick

Pole Dance (Close): Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Front Punch

Jax Briggs

Coming In Hot (Close): Forward, Down, Forward, Front Kick

Still Got It (Close): Back, Forward, Back, Down, Front Punch

Johnny Cage

Mr. Cage’s Neighborhood (Close): Forward, Back, Down, Down, Back Kick

Who Hired This Guy (Close): Forward, Down, Forward, Front Punch


Road Rash (Mid): Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Front Kick

Hooked (Close): Down, Down, Down, Back Kick


Last Dance (Close): Forward, Down, Down, Front Punch

Face Like A Dropped Pie (Close): Back, Down, Forward, Back Punch


Gore-Nado (Mid): Down, Down, Down, Down, Back Punch

Royal Execution (Mid): Down, Back, Forward, Front Punch


For The Kollection (Close): Down, Down, Down, Down, Back Kick

Head Lantern (Close): Down, Forward, Back, Front Punch

Kotal Kahn

Totem Sacrifice (Close): Back, Down, Back, Front Kick

Kat Food (Close): Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Front Punch

Kung Lao

Headed Nowhere (Close): Down, Forward, Back, Down, Back Punch

Meat Slicer (Close): Down, Forward, Down, Front Kick

Liu Kang

Burn Out (Close): Down, Back, Down, Forward, Front Punch

Belly of the Beast (Mid): Back, Down, Back, Forward, Back Punch

Noob Saibot

Split Decision (Mid): Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Back Kick

Double Trouble (Close): Down, Down, Down, Front Punch


Alternating Current (Mid): Back, Down, Back, Front Punch

Direct Current (Close): Down, Forward, Back, Front Kick


You’re Next (Far): Back, Down, Down, Front Punch

Chain Reaction (Mid): Down, Forward, Back, Back Punch

Shao Kahn

Back Blown Out (Close): Back, Forward, Down, Down, Back Punch

Kahn-Sequences (Close): Back, Forward, Back, Front Punch


Bloody Mess (Mid): Forward, Back, Down, Front Kick

Heart Condition (Mid): Down, Down, Forward, Back Kick

Sonya Blade

To The Choppa (Mid): Down, Forward, Back, Back Punch

Supply Drop (Close): Back, Forward, Down, Front Kick


Ice-Cutioner (Mid): Back, Forward, Back, Back Punch

Frozen In Time (Mid): Forward, Down, Forward, Back Kick

As a secret little bonus, if you really want to take the piss you can perform a Mercy instead of a Fatality, which gives your opponent a little bit of health and allows them back into the fight so you can beat them up some more, and you’ll still be able to perform a Fatality if you get them back down to zero health. This is especially fun against friends that you’re beating comfortably, just as a way to display your superiority and wind them up. To perform a Mercy, simply hold the Flip Stance button (L2 on PS4, LT on Xbox One, ZL on Nintendo Switch, U on PC), press Down three times, and then release the Flip Stance button.

So there you have it, a definitive guide to perform every Fatality with every character in Mortal Kombat 11. If you’re new to the series, check out our guide on some tips and tricks for beginners. Happy mindless violence everyone!






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