Gears 5 available for £28.99 at CD Keys

Heads up bargain hunters, you can currently grab Gears 5 on either Xbox One or PC for just £28.99 over at CD Keys.

That represents a whopping reduction of 42% on the games normal price of £49.99, which is a fantastic offer considering that the game launched just a few weeks back and has been very successful. That being said, I’m sure plenty of people will be keen to point out that Gears 5 is also available to play via the Xbox Game Pass, which is likely why the game is reduced so soon, but for those players that don’t subscribe to Microsoft’s subscription service and prefer to buy their games outright this is a great bargain. To make it better, the download also includes Gears 4, which is perfect if you missed out on it the first time around.

The sixth entry (fifth main entry) into the Gears series only launched at the beginning of September, becoming Microsoft’s most successful first-party launch since Halo 4 when it was played by three million people during launch weekend. That achievement was obviously massively assisted by the games availability on the Xbox Game Pass, but it also picked up great reviews to go with its substantial player numbers, with particular praise being aimed at its campaign and its open world aspects.

The Coalition has a lot of post-launch content planned for Gears 5 with new Operations running every three months, adding new maps, game modes, and characters, as well as new cosmetic items such as weapon skins. All of this additional content is free to all players, running alongside the game’s premium store, so you’ll be getting plenty of content for your money.

There’s no word on how long this offer will last, so I’d advise you to act quickly if you’re interested. Don’t forget though that you could just sign up to the Xbox Game Pass for £7.99 for a month and play through the whole game and then cancel your subscription if you’re only interested in the campaign, but if you’re interested in playing Gears 5 online for the long haul and you’re not keen on the Game Pass then purchasing this deal is the best way forward.

Treat yourself, you’ve earned it.

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