Super Mario Maker 2 update adds the ability to play online with friends

Nintendo has rolled out a new update for Super Mario Maker 2, finally adding the much-requested ability to play with friends online.

A lot of people complained about the fact that you couldn’t play with friends online when the game launched back in June, with online co-op and competitive modes only available to play by matchmaking with other random players. Nintendo promised to add the feature to the game in a future update and, true to their word, they have done so today.

Version 1.1.0 of the game will now allow players to play online with friends in both Multiplayer Versus and Multiplayer Co-op modes, and you can select courses uploaded to Course World or saved to Coursebot. Players who use the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app will also be happy to find out that the app is now also supported for voice chat.

The update also makes Multiplayer Co-op and Multiplayer Versus mode available for “Nearby Play”, and you can select courses from Course World and Coursebot here as well. For the latter, the host system doesn’t need to be connected to the internet. There’s also now a list of Official Makers in the Leaderboards, which are courses made by Nintendo themselves.

Additionally, Maker Profiles have been revamped to provide more information, such as how many First Clears a player has earned. The game also now fully supports the use of a horizontal Joy-Con controller across all game modes.

If you’re finding that your game hasn’t updated to the latest version then you can force the update by highlighting the game icon from the home menu and pressing the + button. That should allow you to select Software Update which will force the update to download and install, providing that you’re connected to the internet of course.

You can check out the full patch notes here.



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