Crash Team Racing gets a Halloween-themed event tomorrow

Crash Team Racing is about to get all Halloween-y on us tomorrow, Friday 4th October, with the start of a new seasonal event.

The new Grand Prix season, which is quite aptly titled Spooky Grand Prix, will add a number of new features, the standout of which is undoubtedly Nina’s Nightmare, a new track which takes place in “the dark recesses of Nina Cortex’s mind”. You’ll have to navigate your way around ooze-spitting pumpkins and a “beastly spider-pumpkin” as you race through “misty marshes, eerie gardens, and twisted hallways of a haunted manor”. To go with the new track, Nina Cortex herself is also being added as a playable character as long as you unlock her through the Nitro Gauge, and N. Brio and Komodo Moe are also being added to the Pit Stop store.

Speaking of the Nitro Gauge and the Pit Stop store, there are three new karts being added this season. Namely, they are Nautilus, Skull Rider, and Phantom, which is described as “an ornate ride adorned with candles and piano keys, inspired by the Organ Grinder kart from Crash Tag Team Racing”. Nautilus and Phantom can be unlocked through the Nitro Gauge, while Skull Rider is exclusive to the Pit Stop store, which is also where you’ll find new wheels, paint jobs, stickers, decals, and new skins for your characters. Select characters and items from the games first Grand Prix, the Nitro Tour, are also being added back in to the Pit Stop for this season, giving you a second chance to grab anything that you missed the first time around.

To help you earn some Nitro and fill that Nitro Gauge there’s also a new spectral-themed challenge type for this season. Titled Ghost Hunt, players will have to break crates to “release a mischievous ghost that was trapped inside” that you must then catch up to and capture to complete challenges. The Championship and Nitro Leaderboards are also back, and finishing in the top 5% of either will earn you the Champion Kart and a brand new Signature Decal.

Outside of the seasonal changes there are also a number of general tweaks and improvements in the update that are being made on a permanent basis. These include the introduction of a new driving style called “Drift” and the ability to choose what driving style you want to use before each race, regardless of which character you’re using. Additionally, the N. Tropy Clock and Warp Orb power ups will no longer appear for anyone at the beginning of Online Matchmaking races, and AI drivers won’t use them at all in Online Matchmaking races either. Finally, there’s also a new Cup Race called the Lost Cup, which will see you race around the Oxide Station, Clockwork Wumpa, Twilight Tour, and Prehistoric Playground tracks.

The update goes live tomorrow, and you can read the full patch notes here.

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