Gears 5’s post-launch ‘Operations’ detailed

The Coalition has detailed the post-launch plans for Gears 5, revealing that the game will use a system called ‘Operations’.

Operations will run every three months, and each new Operation will bring with it a bunch of new content such as new maps, game modes, new characters with their own unique abilities, and a bunch of new support for the map builder, including new tiles for the Escape Map Builder and future support for both Versus and Horde mode in the builder. Each new Operation will also introduce a new Tour of Duty, which is a completely free opportunity to complete challenges and earn medals to progress through the tiers of Tour of Duty and earn yourself some new cosmetic rewards, such as character and weapon skins, executions, bloody sprays, banners, expressions, and marks. A number of the rewards will be exclusive to each Operation, so you’ll have a limited time to earn them before the end of the Operation.

Additionally, each week will bring with it new Escape Hives, new Ranked Division rewards, new Supply Drop content, and new Special Events, while regular updates to “improve and refine the game” based on player feedback are also promised.

The games first Operation will kick off tomorrow alongside the games launch and will run until December, offering over 40 customization items for players to collect as they progress through the tiers, and each day will offer players three new daily objectives to complete to earn stars that help you progress to the next rank. October will see the introduction of new characters for Versus, Horde, and Escape mode, and Special Events will also be introduced that same month, including a Halloween event that The Coalition are keeping tight-lipped about for now.

The best thing about all of this is that it will all be free – Gears 5’s Operations will run alongside the premium Gears 5 Store, which will allow players to buy cosmetic items for real world cash if they so wish. All new content such as maps and characters will be free for all players through the Operations and their Tours of Duty, so there is no danger of the player base being split. The Coalition is obviously excited about the future for Gears 5 as they get ready for the games launch, saying:

“With Operations, we are taking our post-launch support to the next level. With all of this free content, plus a regular cadence of exclusive killer cosmetic items in the Gears 5 Store, we think this will be the most dynamic and exciting post-launch Gears has ever had.

As always, it’s a journey we take together. We’ll be listening to your feedback and ideas to help guide the development of our Updates and Operations every step of the away. Launch is just the beginning!”

Gears 5 launches tomorrow, Friday 6th September, for Xbox One and PC.



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