Days Gone is getting New Game Plus next week

Bend Studio has announced that Days Gone will be getting a New Game Plus mode next week.

As detailed in a post by Days Gone’s Game Director Jeff Ross, New Game Plus has been the most requested feature since the game launched back in April. In that case, fans will be happy to hear that it will be introduced the game through a free downloadable update on Friday 13th September, as long as nothing goes wrong of course!

Most of you will already know what New Game Plus will entail, but if you don’t then it gives players the opportunity to start the game over again while keeping hold of their previously earned weapons, bike upgrades, NERO boosters, skills, recipes, encampment trust and credits, collectibles, and trophy progress. Perks from patches earned in challenges will also carry over in to New Game Plus, so Ross is encouraging players to “go for gold in each challenge in order to maximize your gameplay perks before NG+ releases”. To gain access to New Game Plus you’ll have to have completed the “I’m Never Giving Up” storyline.

New Game Plus will be available to play on any difficulty, including two new difficulty modes that are being added to the game – Hard II and Survival II. Neither of these new modes are specific to New Game Plus, meaning that any player can choose to play the game on these difficulty settings even if they’re brand new to the game. Both of these new difficulty modes and New Game Plus will have new trophies specific to them, including one which Ross says is related to a “mysterious new weapon from an agent that only operates in the shadows”. Intriguing.

Ross says that “this is the perfect opportunity to return to the Pacific Northwest”, which is clear indication of Bend Studio trying to do things to provide some more longevity to their game and keep their player base interested.

Additionally, Ross also announced that Mondo are releasing the Days Gone soundtrack on vinyl. The vinyl will contain 25 tracks from the game, 20 of which are by composer Nathan Whitehead, and will be available to pre-order right here from Wednesday 11th September onwards.



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