Two Point Hospital’s second expansion launches this month

Two Point Hospital, last years spiritual successor to the legendary Theme Hospital, is getting its second expansion this month.

It’s called Pebberley Island, and it’s based around you helping part-time explorer Wiggy Silverbottom—who I can’t help but think looks a bit like Helmut from the classic racing game Street Racer—as he tries to discover the secret of eternal life by blazing “a sterilised trail through a tropical island”, allowing players to “Expand your medical frontiers. Experience new sights. Yearn to discover the greatest secret of all”. Check out the trailer below:

More specifically, the expansion adds three new hospitals: Pebberley Reef, which is described as “an idyllic atoll paradise”; Overgrowth, which takes the form of a dense, unexplored country; and Topless Mountain, a “stunning” summit that will “keep you on your toes right to the last moment”.

Additionally, the expansion will add 34 new illnesses, 10 of which are “full new visual illnesses”. These include ‘Wanderust’, where patients suffer “prolonged feelings of sameness” that have led to “dull, tedious pain and a craving for adventure”, and ‘Blank look’, which causes the sufferers facial features to recede “out of existence”, bringing the need for some hydraulic machinery to try and cure things.

There will also be a number of new tropical-themed cosmetic and decorative items available in the expansion, such as pink plastic birds, ice sculptures, and bamboo benches.

The game is available to pre-order right now on Steam, and doing so will grant you a 10% discount, making the expansion available for £6.29 instead of its standard price of £6.99. Two Point Hospital: Pebberley Island will launch on Monday 18th March.

We enjoyed our time with Two Point Hospital, particularly enjoying the familiarity and feeling of nostalgia it gave us as big fans of Theme Hospital, although we did have some criticisms about the games repetitive nature and how easy it was for the most part. You can check out Ricky’s full review here.



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