Bungie releases new Gambit Prime trailer

Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter starts tomorrow, and with it comes Gambit Prime, the new “sweaty” version of Gambit that Bungie announced last week.

We already know that Gambit Prime will only take place across one round, that players will be able to drain motes from the enemy team, and that bosses will be much tougher and will require more team coordination to take down, as Gambit Prime takes a more “raid-like” approach. We also know that Gambit Prime will feature four different roles, each with their own specific armor sets that offer their own unique perks. Thankfully, Bungie has released a new trailer for the mode, giving us more details about how each roles play and what perks their armor set provides. Check out the trailer below:

If you can’t be arsed to watch that minute-long trailer (you lazy, lazy person) then don’t worry, I have you covered. The four roles and their various perks, as described in the trailer, are as follows:

Reaper Set 

Clear waves and slay larger enemies

  • Weaken high-value targers
  • Multikills generate special ammo
  • Gain increased Mote lifetime
  • Powerful enemy kills increase grenade recharge

Sentry Set

Counter invasion and bank protection

  • Multikills grant a damage buff against Taken
  • Bank gives health regeneration
  • Mark invaders for teammates
  • Buff allies in the Well of Light

Collector Set

Collect motes and send blocks

  • Drop Motes on death
  • Motes grant Overshield
  • Gain ammo on Mote deposit
  • Send giant 20-Mote Blockers

Invader Set

Hunt players and steal motes

  • Gain ammo while invading
  • Improved invasion Overshield
  • Damage bonus on Guardian kills
  • Lock and drain Motes from enemy bank

To earn these armour sets and therefore their perks, players will have to take part in The Reckoning, a challenging PvE activity that takes place in the Plains of the Nine that will open up as soon as you finish your first Gambit Prime match. Bungie describes The Reckoning as “intense” and “high octane”, and you will progress through different tiers that get “more and more chaotic” to earn these new pieces of role-specific armour sets and the perks that come with them, which ultimately make you more competitive in Gambit Prime. While the first tier of The Reckoning will unlock on day one of Season of the Drifter, the second tier won’t unlock until Friday 8th March, and the third tier will unlock on Friday 15th March. Bungie describes the whole thing as a “great little loop” where players play Gambit Prime, then play The Reckoning, then take their rewards from The Reckoning back to Gambit Prime.

To play both Gambit Prime and The Reckoning you will have to own both Forsaken and the games Annual Pass.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter starts tomorrow, Tuesday 5th March, on all platforms.




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