Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter will add Gambit Prime and The Reckoning

Bungie has revealed more details for Season 6 of Destiny 2 which will begin on Tuesday 5th March, and it’s called Season of the Drifter.

When Season 6 kicks off on Tuesday, players that have the Annual Pass will gain access to Gambit Prime, a new “sweaty” version of Gambit that takes place over just one single round where the risks and the rewards are higher. In Gambit Prime, players will be able to drain motes from the enemy team and the bosses will be much tougher and more raid-like, so players will have to work together to take them down. Gambit Prime will feature four different roles: Sentry, Collector, Invader, and Reaper, each with their own specific armor sets that will glow a different colour to indicate the role that you’re playing.

To earn these armour sets, players will have to take part in The Reckoning, a challenging PvE activity that takes place in the Plains of the Nine that will open up as soon as you finish your first Gambit Prime match. Bungie describes The Reckoning as “intense” and “high octane”, and you will progress through different tiers that get “more and more chaotic” to earn new pieces of role-specific armour sets that come with perks that make you more competitive in Gambit Prime. While the first tier of The Reckoning will unlock on day one of Season of the Drifter, the second tier won’t unlock until Friday 8th March, and the third tier will unlock on Friday 15th March. Bungie describes the whole thing as a “great little loop” where players play Gambit Prime, then play The Reckoning, then take their rewards from The Reckoning back to Gambit Prime.

To coincide with the introduction of Gambit Prime, two new maps are coming in Season of the Drifter. The first of these, New Arcadia, is set on Mars and will arrive on the first day of Season of the Drifter, while Deep Six, which is set on Titan, will arrive on Tuesday 12th March. There will also be three new weapons to unlock in Gambit Prime, namely the “Spare Rations” Hand Cannon, the “Soul Survivor” Sniper Rifle, and the “Doomsday” Grenade Launcher.

If you’re currently a bit under-powered for Gambit Prime then don’t worry – Bungie is also introducing Power Surge bounties that can be picked up from The Drifter, which will allow you to reach 640 Power “within the first hour or two” of playing.

Season of the Drifter will also see the return of Thorn, the exotic hand cannon from the original Destiny. The quest to unlock Thorn will begin on Tuesday 12th March.

Outside of the Annual Pass, all players will have the opportunity to earn new a new Pinnacle weapon in the Crucible as well as a new Vanguard weapon, and there’s also going to be a spring event called The Revelry which will run from Tuesday 16th April to Monday 6th May.

Bungie released a vidoc to give you a better look at what’s coming, and I’m sure it includes a couple of sly digs at Activision following the two companies recent split, with phrases like “shape Destiny more in line with what our core community wants” and “we’re starting to figure out the roadmap for what a Bungie-controlled Destiny looks like”. You can check out the video below:

Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter will kick off on Tuesday 5th March.



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