BioWare makes improvements to Anthem loot

Having poor loot and loot mechanics in a loot shooter is unacceptable, and a lot of Anthem players have been making developer BioWare more than aware of that fact, voicing their displeasure to anyone and everyone. Thankfully, BioWare has listened, outlining a number of planned improvements that are designed to improve both the usefulness of loot and how it’s acquired.

Lead Producer on Anthem, Ben Irving, took to Reddit today to thank the community for its support and to reveal the improvements that BioWare is planning to implement either today or tomorrow.

First up will be improvements to Inscriptions, which should now be better for the items they are on. At present, many Inscriptions have been pretty much useless on certain weapons, meaning high level drops were often no more than Vault trash. Now, Inscriptions will only apply to the item that they are on, otherwise they will provide a “Javelin wide benefit”. This change guarantees that each Inscription will have at least some kind of benefit to players, whether it be to the weapon or to your Javelin.

Sadly, these improvements will only apply to new drops and crafts, and not existing items in players Vaults, which is bad news for players who have spent countless hours grinding often-worthless gear.

Uncommon and Common items are also set to be completely removed from the level 30 drop tables. These drops served no purpose to most players, and this was a highly requested change by the community, so it’s good to see BioWare reacting. Additionally, crafting costs for masterwork items will be reduced from an eye-watering 25 masterwork embers to a slightly more obtainable 15. This, coupled with the Inscriptions changes, should mean that crafting that perfect roll is no longer a thing of dreams.

Anthem has had a rather shaky start to life, with the game receiving many negative reviews from critics. These changes are definitely a small step in the right direction, but much more work is needed from BioWare to stop Anthem being remembered as little more than Loading Simulator 2019.



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