Nintendo suspending video streaming services on the Wii in January

As the title reads, Nintendo will be suspending video streaming services on the Wii on January 30th 2019. This includes apps such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Netflix has confirmed this on their website. They have also sent emails to any Netflix account holders that have used the Netflix channel on the Wii. The Netflix website reads:

“Unfortunately, Nintendo will suspend all video streaming services on Wii – including the Netflix Channel – after January 30, 2019”

This is a sad time for the Wii, a console that is still sitting proudly on my TV unit alongside the Wii fit board that I always tell myself I’m going to use to get fit but never do. Every console inevitably meets its end when a new version is released, and the Switch is a mighty fine replacement.

Maybe this means Switch owners will finally be able to get their hands on a Netflix app, something that’s been severely lacking; Hulu was released for the Switch not long ago, and a YouTube app was added last week but Netflix support is still yet to be seen, as is a basic browser, which is kind of annoying.






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