Crackdown free on Xbox Live Marketplace

The original Crackdown is currently free on the Xbox Live Marketplace for all Xbox One owners via the Microsoft store or on Xbox Live. Microsoft has made this announcement to help promote the forthcoming release of Crackdown 3, which will launch next year and be available on Microsoft’s Game Pass Subscription service. Crackdown has been available for free for a few days now, with Microsoft confirming the news whilst showcasing Crackdown 3’s multiplayer mode, named Wrecking Zone.

The original Crackdown may be 11 years old now, but it’s still a fantastic game. The game was critically acclaimed at launch, with praise being given to its fantastic looking open-world. All of us here at BuffNerfRepeat have fond memories of playing this classic, and with the original also being enhanced for the Xbox One X, we’re looking forward to picking this up again for free.

For those that live in a cave, Crackdown is an open world action-adventure game that was released on the Xbox 360 in February 2007. In its day, Crackdown was one of the best looking titles that was available for the 360, and it really helped showcase the early graphical power of the system. Access to the Halo 3 beta was included at launch, which really helped propel Crackdown into an early best-seller on the console.

The original Crackdown is available for free until 30th November. For an exciting trip down memory lane, you can do a lot worse than revisiting Crackdown.






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