Wasteland 3 will launch on Tuesday 19th May 2020

inXile Entertainment has used Microsoft’s X019 presentation to announce that Wasteland 3 will launch on Tuesday 19th May next year.

As well as announcing a release date for the upcoming squad-based role-playing sequel to Wasteland 2, inXile also showed off a brand new trailer which gives players a look at the snowy terrains of post-apocalyptic Colorado, where “democracy, equality, and freedom all died when the bombs fell”. The world of Wasteland 3 is described as “a society based on violence” in the trailer, which is entirely believable if some of the decidedly dark images shown throughout are anything to go by. The atmospheric trailer also gives us glimpses at the games “strategic combat” and “story-driven co-op”, and there’s also a bloody big scorpion mech on show. Check it out:

The previous entry in the series, Wasteland 2, launched back in 2014 to positive reviews, while the original Wasteland first appeared all the way back in 1988 for the Apple II. Critically acclaimed, the original Wasteland served as the basis for its eventual spiritual successor Fallout, which you may just be familiar with.

Despite the fact that inXile Entertainment has now been purchased by Microsoft, Wasteland 3 is still slated for release on PS4 as well as the Xbox One and PC. For the Xbox One and PC players among us, the game will be available to play straight from launch through the Xbox Game Pass.

Wasteland 3 will launch for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on Tuesday 19th May 2020.

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