Luigi’s Mansion 3 – 7F gem locations and how to get them

There are six collectible gems on each floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3. In this guide, I’ll show you where to find all six gems on the 7F floor and tell you how to get your hands on them. You’ll need to unlock certain abilities before you’ll be able to collect some of these gems, so you may have to come back later on in the game.

Please note that some of the gems will appear clear rather than coloured in the screenshots seen below, this is because I had already collected them during my playthrough before creating this guide.

Gem #1 – Elevator Hall

As soon as you come out of the elevator, head to the right and use your Dark Light on the third picture you come across and you’ll get your hands on the Yellow Gem.

Gem #2 – Blooming Suite

Go into the Atrium, head up the stairs and cross the giant plant in the middle of the room. Go into the first door after you cross the plant and you’ll be in the Blooming Suite. Once inside, use your vacuum to suck up the leaves in front of the dresser on the near side of the bed, then perform a Suction Shot on the dresser to reveal a grate. Go through the grate as Gooigi and then use your Strobulb on the plant which sits on top of the bed and it will spit out the Red Gem.

Gem #3 – Blooming Bathroom

Head into the Blooming Bathroom (which is connected to the Blooming Suite) and use your vacuum on the pile of leaves in the bathtub, revealing the Purple Gem. Now, vacuum up the pile of leaves near to the toilet to reveal a grate underneath. Use Gooigi to slip through the grate, run around the corner and vacuum up the pile of leaves near to the screen to clear your path. Now, vacuum up the pile of leaves in the back right corner to reveal a pipe which Gooigi can slip through, sending him up into the bathtub where he will collect the gem.

Gem #4 – Ivy Bathroom

Now move to the room which is directly above the Blooming Bathroom, which just so happens to be the Ivy Bathroom. Once inside, blow air at the bath tap to make the water run, then use your Dark Light on the floor in front of the toilet to make a grate appear. Use Gooigi to slip through the grate, use your Dark Light on the missing piece of pipe on the far right wall, then use your Strobulb on the small plant in the corner. The plant will then spit out the Clear Gem.

Gem #5 – Mushroom Suite

Head upstairs and into the Mushroom Suite, then use your vacuum on the curtains that are on the bed to reveal a passageway which leads to the basement. Go down into the basement then walk round to the back right corner of the room where you’ll find a pipe. Slip through this pipe with Gooigi and then use your Strobulb on the plant to get the Green Gem.

Gem #6 – Atrium

Climb to the very top of the Atrium and swing across the vine to get on top of the venus fly trap. Walk to the left side edge of the venus fly trap and use your vacuum to make the vine unfurl, creating yourself a bridge. Cross the bridge, then vacuum up the leaves on the back left wall to reveal a hole in the wall. Go through this hole and run to the right until you find the Blue Gem.

And that’s it! Congratulations, you collected all six gems.



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