Warframe’s The Profit-Taker update launches on Xbox One and PS4

The Profit Taker, the recent update to Warframe’s huge open-world Fortuna expansion, has arrived on Xbox One and PS4 today following it’s debut on PC back in December.

The headline addition from the update is the titular Profit-Taker, a massive mechanical spider boss who is also known as the Orb Mother. Players will have to group up and work together to take down the new boss, but you can also get a helping hand from the Gravimag, which can be used to upgrade your Archweapons, which you can now use in any mission.

There’s also a new Warframe known as Baruuk, a pacifist who’s “calm manner erupts when he’s pushed to the edge”. Baruuk has four abilities available: Elude, which can be used to dodge incoming projectiles while not attacking; Lull, a “calming wave” that slows enemies down until they fall asleep, leaving them confused and disoriented when they wake up; Desolate Hands, which summons a number of orbiting daggers that seek out and destroy enemy guns; and Serene Storm, where Baruuk “commands the Desert Wind to deliver powerful radial strikes with his fist and feet”.

Elsewhere in the update, there are also new Operator Amps and Arcanes available through Little Duck, and there are three new Echo-Lures available that can be used to save three new species in the Vallis, namely Sawgaw, Horrasque, and Stover. If that’s not enough for you there are also new weapons, mods, and customization options available, and there are also a tonne of new hairstyles on offer if you think your character is in need of a fresh trim.

If you want to take a detailed look at all of the changes and new additions in the update, then you can do so here.



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