Rainbow Six: Siege’s next patch is aimed at balancing Operators

Rainbow Six: Siege’s next patch, which is called the Y3S4.2 Patch, will primarily be aimed at balancing several Operators when it launches on PC on Tuesday 5th February and consoles on Wednesday 6th February.

Ubisoft has been looking at the pick rate of all Operators and their “Win Delta”, which is the average win ratio when an Operator is picked minus the average win ratio when an Operator is not picked, and their findings are resulting in the upcoming buffing and nerfing of several Operators.

Caveira, for example, is getting the nerf treatment as Ubisoft try to make her “less frustrating to play against”. With that in mind, Ubisoft has decided to decrease Caveira’s damage output from her Luison pistol, reducing the magazine size, and increasing both recoil and hipfire spread. Doc and Rook are both getting slight nerfs too, with their MP5 damage being slightly reduced from 27 to 30. Ubisoft revealed that Rook has the highest win delta for the defenders and Doc is heading the same way, as his win delta increases every season.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Clash is getting buffed because Ubisoft “are not satisfied with the current state” of her. Ubisoft noted that Clash has underperformed and recent updates have done little to change things, so Ubisoft are making some changes to make her better equipped for situations when she is in combat without backup. Specifically, Clash’s SPSMG9 will get a full-automatic fire mode rather than the current 2-round burst fire mode, and ammunition and damage are both being increased to 161 (from 121) and 33 (from 30) respectively.

Kaid is also performing below expectations, so his AUG A3 is having it’s ADS speed increased by 33% to bring it more in line with other SMG’s to help him win more gunfights. Nomad will also be getting a slight change, with the yellow light on his Airjab now blinking during activation delay.

Aside from all of these balancing changes there are also a whole host of bug fixes, all of which you can read about here, and you can check out a detailed look at Ubisoft’s Designer’s Notes here.

The Y3S4.2 patch will roll out on PC on Tuesday 5th February and consoles on Wednesday 6th February.



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