Warframe’s Operation: Buried Debts update now available on consoles

Warframe’s Operation: Buried Debts update is now available on consoles, having debuted on PC a couple of weeks ago.

Operation: Buried Debts is Warframe’s first community event of 2019, tasking players with working together to “solve a multi-part Operation” after Thermia fractures have began cracking open all over the surface of Venus. Throughout the course of the event players will be able to earn various rewards such as emblems and sigils.

There’s also a new Warframe known as Hildryn, who draws power from her shields to perform her various abilities, and the update also introduces the first phase of the Melee revamp that Digital Extremes are bringing to the game to make combat more fluid.

The update is now live on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.



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