Warframe update kicks off Operation: Buried Debts on PC

Warframe’s latest update, which kicks off the games first community event of 2019, Operation: Buried Debts, is now live on PC with a console launch “coming soon”.

Operation Buried Debts will see Thermia fractures cracking open all over the surface of Venus due to “Nef Anyo’s unrelenting greed”. Players will have to work together to “solve a multi-part Operation” over the next few weeks, and doing so will reward them with unique items such as emblems, sigils, Amalgamm Mods, and the Opticor Vandal, but developer Digital Extremes is keen to note that players will have to “take down a tremendous foe” to unlock their final reward.

The update also adds a new Warframe known as Hildryn, who fuels her abilities by drawing from her shields. Her abilities include Shield Pillage, where she drains a percentage of an enemies Shields and Armor to replenish her own, and Haven, where Hildryn creates a shield aura around her allies, causing any enemies who approach them to take damage.

The update also brings Phase 1 of the Melee revamp that is designed to provide more fluid combat. The first phase of these changes brings “uninterrupted combat”, which allows seamless transitions between firearm and melee combat; “combo resume”, which allows you to return back to your combo if you interrupted it with gunfire or dodging; and “aimed ground slams”, which gives players better control over the precision of their ground slams. There are also changes to visual effects and keybindings as part of the melee revamp.

There are also a number of new weapons and cosmetic items in the update. You can read about all of the changes here.



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