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How to find & kill Titans in Anthem

Titans in Anthem are big, annoying bullet sponges that are pretty difficult to take down with a team, let alone by yourself, but if you take the time to learn the Titan’s attack patterns then it’s much easier. Luckily for you I’ve killed loads of them all by myself, and I’m going to show you how I do it, but first I’m going to show you how to find the Titans in the first place, which can actually be pretty time consuming.

The first time you will need to find Titans yourself is when you’re crafting the Dawn Shield, and these Titans can be found in free play at the following locations (click image to enlarge):

titan locations anthem

Please note that Titans don’t always spawn, so if you go to the area and a Titan is not present then move on to the next one, and also ensure that you have a good look around the area as they’re not always standing in the same place.

Apparently, there is also a mission called ‘Triple Threat’ that requires you to kill three mini Titans – you’re supposed to get the mission from ‘Matthias’ in Fort Tarsis (the rune guy), however, I wasn’t able to get the quest from him and I have no idea why, but it could have been that I had already completed the quest earlier in the game. Or, of course, my game might have bugged, which wouldn’t surprise me.

So, now you know how to find them, let’s move on to taking them down:

Killing Titans in Anthem

The first time you face a Titan in Anthem it might seem like a tough battle. However, Titans only have the same four abilities, so once you know these and how to avoid taking damage from them they’re easy pickings, although they will always take a bit of time to down as they’re big bullet sponges. The four different attacks and how to avoid taking damage from them are as follows:

Rings of Death

I’m starting with this one because in my experience it does the most damage. As you can see in the gif above, the Titan will let out three or four rings of fire – to avoid them simply jump over them. The best tip for avoiding this attack is to never double jump straight away, as there are rings that you will need to double jump over (or go under) and if you double jump when you don’t need to you’ll either not be able to jump high enough (if you have triple jump) or you won’t drop quick enough to avoid the next ring.

Exploding Dogs

Okay, these aren’t actually dogs, but they look and act like them, don’t they? Anyway, these are easy to kill but they spawn in numbers that make it difficult to kill them all before they get close to you, and if they’re too close when you kill them their explosion will set you on fire. The best way to deal with these is to obviously kill them as quick as you can; they always spawn next to the Titan, so as long as you’re far enough away then you should be able to finish them off before they pose a threat. The best weapon for clearing these easily is the LMG, because it has enough rounds to wipe the wave without reloading.

Homing Ball of Fire

This is the easiest attack to avoid. All you have to do is dodge out of the way at the last minute (B on Xbox, O on PS4 and CTRL on PC). You must time your dodge correctly or you’ll get hit, so dodge just as the ball is about to hit you. The Titan also has a second fire ball attack where it will spawn the ball next to you (instead of homing to you), the procedure is the same, simply dodge away once it’s by you as you can see in the gif above.

Fire Laser Beam

I have no idea what these attacks are actually called but I hope they’re descriptive enough for you to know what I mean. The ‘Fire Laser Beam’ is the attack where the Titan fires a beam of light from its chest. To avoid this attack all you have to do is move quickly (i.e. run) and ideally if there’s any cover near you just hide behind that and the Titan won’t be able to hit you.

Now that you know how to avoid the attacks I’m going to give you some tips on killing the Titans as quickly as possible:

  • The Titan takes the most damage from the areas that are exposed. These areas usually show when the Titan is about to attack or has just finished attacking. The exposed areas are highlighted by a glow and usually the vulnerable area can be found on the Titans arms.
  • Always shoot at the Titan. It’s easy to get carried away with avoiding the Titan’s attacks but you need to shoot the Titan as much as possible or it will take forever to take it down.
  • Equip an LMG and a slower, more powerful weapon such as a sniper. The LMG is great for taking down the mobs that spawn in with the Titan (see Exploding Dogs above) and it’s also great for dealing a lot of damage when at medium to short range. The sniper comes in useful when you’ve just had to dodge an attack and move away from the Titan, leaving you shooting your enemy from range.
  • Equip one ability that will remove negative status effects, such as the Interceptors ‘Rally Cry’ ability. This will allow you to remove the fire from yourself and your teammates if you’re burning. This can be extremely useful because as you up the difficulty the fire does a lot of damage over time.
  • Try to fight the Titan near some cover, this way you can quickly get out of the way of the ‘Fire Laser Beam’ attack, though cover won’t protect you from any of its other attacks.

So, there we have it, how to find and kill the Titans. If you feel like I’ve missed any tips off the list then please do let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get them added!



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