The Division 2 has a 90GB day one patch on PS4

The Division 2 is only 6 days away from launch (3 days if you have purchased the Gold or Ultimate edition) and players can already look forward to a fairly hefty day one patch. PS4 owners will have an extremely large 88GB – 92GB patch (which is the largest patch I think we’ve seen on a game in years), while Xbox One owners and PC owners will still have a day one patch, but it will only weigh in at 48GB – 52GB.

PS4 owners who were hoping to play the game on the day of release may be a little disappointed, as depending on the speed of your internet it could take hours for the game to finish updating. My advice would be to set your PS4 to never turn off and boot it up in the morning before you head off to work/school. It’s important to note that if you have digitally purchased the game you should be able to pre-load this patch before launch day on March 10th.

As well as the day one patch there will also be a smaller patch which, according to Ubisoft, will fix various audio bugs that were reported during the open beta, including missing audio and audio cutting out.

In total, including the two patches, the final installed size of the game on the PS4 will be 88-92 GB and on the PC & Xbox the final size will be 48-52 GB. Since the final install size is the same as the size of the patches it means you’re having to download the whole game again even if you have a disc, which is strange but not unheard of. It’s not clear why the PlayStation 4 version of the game is so much larger than the PC and Xbox version.

It’s normal these days for games to have day one patches, although they’re not usually this large; we’re assuming this is due to how late the beta was, which meant there wasn’t enough time to add the updates and fixes to the discs.



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