Trailer for No Man’s Sky’s next update, Visions, leaks to YouTube.

Hello Games has been doing a lot of late to try and right some of the wrongs they made when No Man’s Sky first launched back in 2016, but it would appear that the studio still has a cock-up or two in them, as someone there seems to have posted an unlisted trailer for the next update to their YouTube channel a bit prematurely. Oops.

The next update will be titled Visions, and it seems to be aimed at improving diversity and the visuals of the game, with greater palette variety and 5x Planetary Biomes that will make existing planets becoming more “vibrant, varied, and colourful”. There will also be other visual enhancements, as well as the introduction of rainbows to the game (aww) and you can even construct fireworks if you feel in the mood for a celebration.

Aside from the visual changes, there will also be new Fauna introduced, as well as Procedural Crash Sites that you can raid. Debris and alien technology can now be salvaged and sold, and Rare Lucrative Skeletons will allow Archaeologists to unearth the remains of ancient life forms. If that isn’t enough for you, Community Missions will now share progress globally, Storm-Activated Crystals will give you the opportunity to explore extreme climates to collect precious new materials, and there will also be new base parts and emotes.

There’s no release date for this update yet, which is no surprise considering it wasn’t meant to be public knowledge yet, but it’s great to know that another update is in the works so soon after the release of The Abyss.

So, there you have it. Somebody at Hello Games is getting fired, but at least we’re getting another update, right?



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