Civilization 6: Gathering Storm

The next Civilization 6 Expansion will arrive in February

A new Civilization 6 expansion is inbound, and it will have a focus on climate change and global warming.

The new expansion has been named Gathering Storm, and it’ set to be released on February 14th 2019.

Civilization 6—released in 2016—is a strategy game where players become a historical leader, given the power and resources to build an empire through exploration, expansion and conquest, as well as scientific research and cultural achievements. In Civilization, everything takes time. Nurturing and developing your empire provides rewarding gameplay experience.

Gathering Storm will be the second expansion released for the hugely popular turn-based strategy game, and it will be released a year after the first expansion Rise and Fall, which launched in February 2018.

Check out the announcement trailer here:

In Gathering Storm, players will have to be mindful of potential environmental hazards when decision making. Do you benefit from the fertility that a volcano brings to an area? Or does the risk of eruption loom too heavy on your mind? Other major weather events will include blizzards, floods and droughts, which are all brought into effect with the new climate change mechanic.

A new climate screen has also been added to the game and will offer a weather type report for players to view. The report will feature information such as C02 emissions and provide information on how pollution is affecting the climate

Gathering Storm looks set to include 8 new civilizations, along with 9 new leaders for players to play as. This is the same amount of both civilizations and leaders as in the previous expansion, Rise and Fall.



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