Out Run is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Sit down and buckle up, it’s time to get our retro heads in gear as it has been announced that arcade classic Out Run will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as part of the consoles Sega Ages lineup.

Designed by Yu Suzuki (the brains behind the critically acclaimed Shenmue series), Out Run released in arcades all the way back in 1986 and became a critical and commercial success. The objective of the game is simple – reach your destination before the timer hits zero. Innovative for the time, Out Run allowed you to choose which direction to go at each junction, with each direction leading you to a different environment. Out Run went on to get ported to several consoles, including the Master System, Commodore 64 and the Spectrum in 1987. These 8-Bit ports went on to become both the fastest-selling and the best-selling computer game in the UK that year. Not bad, eh?

If my Japanese serves me correctly (and by Japanese, I mean the bits of English hidden in the middle of the Japanese), it would appear that Out Run on Nintendo Switch will be getting a little bit of love before release, with 60fps support seemingly in the pipeline. Another thing you’ll notice from that Twitter post is a release date of November 21st 2018 – it’s important to note that that release date is for Japan only; we won’t be seeing Out Run on Nintendo Switch in the rest of the world until early next year.



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