The Winter Star Fest has begun on Monster Hunter: World

It’s that time of the year when games start getting all festive on us, and Monster Hunter: World is no exception; the Winter Star Fest is now live on all platforms until December 17th.

The Winter Star Fest sees Astera’s Gathering Hub, the Celestial Pursuit, all decked out in Crimbo decorations, and all of the staff dressed up in their most festive of outfits. During the event, players will be able to take on the “Timberland Troublemakers” event quest to earn Bristly Crake Tickets, which can then be used to craft and upgrade the Bristly Pincushion Hammer. Players can also collect Winter Star Tickets to create the Orion α series, a high rank piece of female armor, or the Orion series, a low rank piece of male armor. Winter Star Tickets can also be used to craft the Snow Set, which will turn your Palico into a snowman.

The event will also introduce Sealed Eyepatch Layered Armor and the Wiggler Head Layered Armor, as well as new outfits for the Handler and your Poogie. There’s also a special seasonal platter available at the canteen in the Gathering Hub during the event, and items or services at all facilities will be available at reduced costs. Bloody love a sale, we do.

If that’s not enough, there are numerous login bonuses and limited bounties available too. You can read about all of the additions and changes here.

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