Tetris goes all battle royale with Tetris 99 on Nintendo Switch

The term “battle royale” is one that seems to be implemented into every game, and now even classic block puzzler Tetris is getting in on the act.

Tetris 99 was announced during tonight’s Nintendo Direct presentation and it’s available for free, right now, exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

From the footage that was shown, it does still look like a traditional Tetris game at it’s core (thank god) rather than your usual storm-closing, loot-gathering battle royale experience, but you will still be competing against 98 other players who can attack your screen with “garbage” as you try to line up your blocks and clear your screen. As you can imagine, the last player still playing will be the winner.

Tetris 99 is available right now on the Nintendo Switch, exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.



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