BoxBoy and BoxGirl announced for Nintendo Switch

Critically acclaimed 3DS puzzle platform series BoxBoy is finally making it’s way to the Nintendo Switch with a brand new game, and the titular box is bringing a friend along with him.

BoxBoy and BoxGirl will allow two players to work together to complete puzzles using boxes (who would have guessed) to “restore peace on the box planet”. There will be 270 stages for players to complete, the most in any BoxBoy title, and there will be totally new puzzles to solve along the way. The fun isn’t over when you complete all of the puzzles though, as doing so will unlock another playable character, a tall box (or a rectangle, as I prefer to call him) named Qudy.

BoxBoy was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS to critical acclaim back in 2015. The game’s first sequel, BoxBoxBoy, was released on the 3DS in 2016, before a third entry in the series, Bye-Bye BoxBoy released in 2017.

BoxBoy and BoxGirl will release for the Nintendo Switch on Friday 26th April 2019.

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